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Dr. Alex  Mateuchev

Surgeries __________________________________________________________________

Dr. Alex  Mateuchev
Dr. Alex is Board Certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. He is able to perform certain foot and ankle surgeries on-site in a private operating room designed for local anesthesia. Dr. Alex Mateuchev also performs surgery publicly through Alberta Health Services at Viking Hospital which is covered by Alberta Health Care.
Some of the common foot and ankle surgeries performed include:
Bunion Surgery – Surgical removal of bunions (bony lumps found on the joint of the big toe) and realignment of the big toe joint.
Surgery for Arthritis in the Big Toe Joint - Patients suffering from arthritis of the big toe experience pain and stiffness. This may become so severe that a surgical procedure is necessary to help alleviate the pain. This can involve decompression of the joint, cleaning out of the joint, or an implant replacement.
Hammertoe Surgeries - Several surgical procedures are available to treat rigid hammertoes and restore the normal alignment of the toe joint and relieve pain.
Soft Tissue Surgeries - These include removal of neuromas, removal of soft tissue tumors and masses, or removal of skin lesions.
Cheilectomy/Exostectomy – This surgery is used to remove bone spurs from various parts of the foot.
Instep Plantar Fascial Release - This surgery is used as a last resort for people with chronic unresponsive plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome.
Tailor’s Bunion Surgery – Surgery to remove a baby bunion near the small toe.
Surgery for Ingrown Toenails – This is a minimally invasive surgery to permanently remove the symptomatic in-growing portion of the nail. This is done for infected and/or painful ingrown toenails.
Broken Bones – Surgery can be performed to fix broken bones in the foot and ankle.