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Dr. Alex  Mateuchev

Orthotics and braces __________________________________________________________________

What are Orthotics?
Orthotics are devices which support or improve functions of movable parts of the body including the feet and ankles. A proper biomechanical assessment is required to determine the exact needs of each individual.
Dr. Alex  Mateuchev

Functional Orthotics
This type of orthotic is usually used to decrease pain and increase stability. They typically support rear and midfoot joints and help patients overcome overuse injuries. They are meant to be functional while reducing impact to the wearer when walking or running.
Dr. Alex  Mateuchev
Accommodative Orthotics
This type of orthotic is usually used to alleviate mild foot pains and help foot disorders among the diabetic, rheumatoid arthritic and elderly patient who require more cushioning and are unable to tolerate corrective devices.
AFO Braces
This type of device is used for conditions such as drop foot, severe flat foot, and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. It incorporates the lower leg and foot to achieve greater control.
Why Choose This Office?
A biomechanical exam should be performed prior to the prescription of any device. Proper casting techniques are essential and are required by most insurances. This office only uses accredited labs that have a long history in orthotic and brace fabrication. Pathology specific orthotics for special medical conditions of the foot are provided.